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SFBA Home Welcomes You

San Francisco Bay Area Home was established on August 16, 2022 with the mission of making the residents of the San Francisco Bay Area a big family.

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Common family forms SFBA Home




The common family originated in China more than 2,000 years ago, which is the most noble pursuit of the Han nation.







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SFBA Home 

My qualifications are: Social Management Scientist. 
Through the Declaration of Independence, the United States lifted the enslavement of its rulers and maintained the opportunity for independent economic development. The United States protects the republican system of each state through the Constitution and avoids conflicts between different interest groups.
Unfortunately, there are still many wars and potential crises in the world. The United States is no longer a beacon of human freedom. The US president and members of Congress no longer respect American values.
San Francisco is a city of immigrants, and we are all descendants of immigrants. San Francisco is a pioneer in the United States when it comes to national integration. The biggest contradiction in the modern world is that between the United States and China. The U.S. Congress needs someone who understands China and can improve China to eliminate this conflict of interests.
Please give me a chance to vote for Jingchao in the MP option:
I can change China. The Chinese people have never supported communism. The ideal society of the Chinese people has always been a common world, that is, human beings are one family, which is the same as the values ​​of all religious beliefs.
I can bring the latest technological industries to San Francisco and make the San Francisco Bay Area the educational, cultural, economic, and political center of mankind. This will be a trillion-dollar industry.
I can bring peace and prosperity to the birthplace of your ancestors, so that your people can regard you as sacred and no longer need a visa to visit them.

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Building SFBA Home



750 Broadway
SF, 94133




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